No No-Shows, No.

There’s just no excuse.

It’s not like dropping out of that social event on Saturday night because you don’t get on very well with Phillip since he was rude to your bessie mate.

On Valentines Day this year, a bar in Edinburgh claimed to have lost THOUSANDS of pounds in people not turning up for their bookings, or last minute cancellations. It wa

sn’t just loss of revenue, but staff who cost money – who then had their shifts cut short because the level of trade wasn’t there and also the cost of the good bought in especially (who has oysters the day after Valentines day?!)

I even heard of one group of people “spread booking” tables

at different pubs and restaurants for Prime Time Saturday Night tables, and then deciding on the day

which one they’d want to go to, they had no intention of calling the other tables.

So many people lose out when no shows occur, and 95% of the time (a completely unconfirmed statistic) it could be so easily avoided with a courtesy call.

In fact everybody loses out.

Staff lose their hours, so go get a new job where they can get their deserved and much needed monies. Staff change, service drops whilst training occurs, other customers receive less than perfect service whilst the training is happening. Loss of profits due to no shows (cost of goods, staffing etc) could mean that prices have to go up to pay the bills, future customers lose out. Future customers then get put off when said restaurant places a deposit system in (who wants to pay £10 / head before you’ve even got there?) and some customers can’t afford to book those tables in the first place because times are tight.

We’re not putting in deposit schemes yet, and we really don’t want to. Actually, we don’t want to have to. If you ever need to cancel a table – we get it, life happens sometimes –  please, just drop us a call?



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